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Right Irrigation Supply is dedicated to helping the Do-It-Yourselfer install and maintain a quality sprinkler system. We carry professional grade products, typically only available to contractors. We also carry one of the largest selections of Drip Irrigation in the Portland / Vancouver area.

Our product lines include sprinkler heads, valves and controllers by Hunter, Irritrol, K-Rain, Rain Bird and Toro, as well as drip, backflow devices, underground wire, pipe, fittings, valve boxes, repair parts, tools and Pro-Time Lawn Seed.

Everything you'll need to Do-It-Yourself and Save!

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Top 10 Tips
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Sprinkler System

Design Services

The key to a successful sprinkler system is a good design. We're always happy to help with any design questions you may have. We can review your plans and give you pointers at no charge.

We also offer a Professional Design Package which includes
- Detailed, easy to read, color coded design of your sprinkler system.
- Complete parts list of everything you'll need.
- Instruction guide which includes detailed diagrams to put it all together.

Sample Designs

Professional Design Package

What we need from you to get started:

1. Water Pressure: You can find out your pressure by putting a pressure gauge on your hose faucet. If you don’t have a pressure gauge
(and why would you) we can lend you one. If it’s more convenient, you can pick-up the gauge when we meet to discuss your plan and you can call in the pressure later.
You simply screw the gauge onto your hose faucet and turn on the water and the gauge tells you the pressure. Be sure there’s no water being used in the house at the time of the test.

2. Water Meter Size: Most residential homes have a 5/8" meter. The meter size is usually visible on the top of the meter, cast right into the
brass. It will say 5/8" X 3/4". That means it’s a 5/8" meter with a 3/4" pipe size. The 3/4" only refers to the pipe fittings coming and going from the meter. Your water service line size to your house could be different. If you have a well, give us a call and we can instruct you on how to get your well information.

3. Landscape Design: We’ll need a layout of your yard. It should include everything starting with your property lines, house, driveway, walks,
retaining walls, decks, sheds, play areas, lawn areas, large existing trees and bed areas. (we do not need to know plant material in the beds)

Give us a call to set a no obligation appointment to bring in your information. We’ll sit down with you to discuss the specific details of what you’re expecting from your sprinkler system. We want to make sure the design reflects your specific needs, such as, areas you do or don’t need watered, drip areas, controller location, do you want to add a hose faucet or rain sensor, etc.

Professional Design Package $100.00
Single Dwelling, 1st acre, additional fee for
commercial and larger designs. Fee in Advance.

*Rebate . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . - $80.00
Your Final Design Cost . . . . . . $20.00

*Buy at least 75% ($ value) of the parts from us
and we'll credit your purchase with an $80 Rebate.
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